Testimonials and Quotes

Aged Care Testimonials

“Dear Jim … without artists like you, we could not present a quality program that brings so much enjoyment at no cost to ACT seniors during Seniors Week. We feel Seniors Week continues to grow through the motivation and commitment of artists like you. By your contribution we are able to continue to lift the profile of ACT seniors and give opportunities to get out and enjoy themselves”
Elizabeth Grant AM President, COTA (ACT)

“Jim … on behalf of COTA National seniors ACT, we would like to officially thank you for the contribution and support to celebrate seniors day. From feedback, ACT Seniors thoroughly enjoyed their day, in particular for its diversity and quality entertainment” Peter Hurford, Events and Administration Manager

“We could all see the positive progress made as the result of Jim’s music, and felt so very beholden to him. Jim certainly showed us just what music can do, and as you can clearly see from these photos, we all adored Jim and his sessions” Pearl Collison, senior citizen, Weston Creek Community Centre.

Music Testimonials

 “From the outset Mr. Latta proved to be diligent in his organization and supply of a nine piece band and rhythm ensemble for our function …. The band’s efforts brought accolade from all mess members and the ball’s success was attributable to the quality of their performance. I will not hesitate in hiring the band’s services in the future, and highly recommend them to any organization that desires quality entertainment” Captain I.J. Anfruns DUNTROON HOUSE RMC Canberra, ACT

“Words that describe the performance of this band are “energetic, brilliant, fantastic, value for money, awesome” Laurie Daly even joined the band for a couple of “Elvis’ renditions. It was a pleasure to be associated with Jim Latta and “Leading Edge” Mary McCallum, marketing, Canberra RAIDERS

 “Throughout the night, Jim played a variety of music that kept the dance floor full and everyone entertained. I found Jim to be a very approachable person and quite happily took requests on the night. Jim was well organized and very easy going and I would recommend Jim to any prospective customer as he helped make our masquerade ball a wonderful evening” Vicky Dunn, Senior Medical Associate, ELI LILLY AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED

“A very human touch was Latta’s dedication of MABO BLUES and his offering it to Eddie Mabo’s widow Bonita, who was present. She later said she had enjoyed her first jazz concert and been touched by Latta’s gesture. It was that sort of night. Jazz music being played well and evoking the range of emotions of which it is capable” Michael Foster, Jazz critic, CANBERRA TIMES

“Jim Latta, of course, is a well known jazz drummer. I used to go and watch him play. He was very innovative as a player and a considerable inspiration for me"  Derrick (Noddy) Brassington of Canberra ACT 

“His vocals were excellent, and his presentation great … the American Ambassador was very impressed at the amount and quality of American music being performed” Bronwyn Halbisch, the Australian-American association Incorporated, ( Coral Reef Ball ) 

“ Jim Latta’s CD ‘CARAVAN’ is full of smooth twists and turns that are like liquid gold in your ears”

"I love it ... great musicianship... swings like hell !!!" David Fishel, Jazz Online (Norway) 

Educational Testimonials

“I have worked closely with Jim Latta for five years in a school which caters for high school aged students who have not coped (or been coped with) in mainstream schools. All of the students have experienced a range of severe social, emotional, cultural and educational difficulties which often manifest themselves in behavioural difficulties. Jim has consistently demonstrated a number of very special qualities and skills which have earned him the respect of students, staff, parents and resource persons in the community. He has a knack for discovering and promoting positives with students who have experienced little success in life. He uses music creatively to motivate students and promote self esteem. Jim’s absence is profoundly felt by all members of the WARRIAPPENDI Alternative school community. I commend Jim to you” D.B. FOSTER, ex school psychologist and counselor.

 “His school students went so ape when they discovered Jim was writing a Heavy Metal Drumming Book… he decided to enlist their help in writing the book. A weekend was reserved to do the research, and the kids virtually moved in bringing with them all their heavy metal videos and tapes. Hopefully, Jim’s book can make Canberra’s dedicated drummers even better; if they can get to the end of it and play the final solo by Alex Van Halen they’ll be doing well” ‘THE ART OF DRUMMING’ by Steven Corby Canberra times.

Quotes and Curiosities

“Music is more powerful than politics, more powerful than race and religion” Paul Simon

“If there is anything that can conquer the world, it's music. You don’t have to understand the language, you just have to understand the feel. It unlocks the secrets of the human heart to articulate the secrets of the human heart” African musician with Paul Simon on Graceland

‘Music is what emotions feel like’    anon

"Laughter is the shortest distance between two people" Victor Borge 

"The science tells us that ageing is the only available way we have of living longer" Jim Latta

"Very hard woman my grandmother ... she buried 3 husbands ... and one of them was only taking a nap" Rita Rudner

When asked why she attended Frank Sinatra's funeral, Sophie Loren replied... "Because he was the soundtrack of my life" 

Growing old ain't for sissies..."  Bette Davis

"All music is folk music. I ain't never heard no horse sing a song before ..." Louis Armstrong